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Glue Valve
  • ZZ-2424 Red Micrometer Precision Spot Valve

    ZZ-2424kft Precision Spot Valve is an enhanced version of pin-type Spot Valve. The larger cylinder enhances the flow rate and pressure value. For some fluidity, not good glue, there are still conditions to use, the pressure value is increased, the for

  • ZZ-72T Quick-drying Rubber Spot Valve

    Quick-dry glue is a special type of glue, which can react easily with metal products and cause solidification instead of dispensing. Each quick-dry glue dispensing valve is a dispensing valve made of Teflon, especially in the position of the hose, whi

  • ZZ-3535 rotary ceramic dispensing valve

    ZZ-3535 Ceramic dispensing valve is a kind of glue that can use particles. It is manufactured in a special way. There is no special device inside, but the device is externalized. There is only one stirring propeller inside. Rotating push, just like ce

  • ZZ-405 Ruhr micrometer top needle dispensing valve

    The micrometer dispensing valve is a high-precision dispensing valve. The micro-value can reach 0.01mm, and the precision is very high. The control of low-viscosity glue water control is accurate, especially on some products with high-precision requir

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